The overall purpose of DERA is to assist building owners reducing their overall bottom-line: Utilize their capital improvements and expenditure (CapX) for the purpose of long-term reductions in operating expenditures (OpeX).

DERA offers Procurement, Design and Project Management in:

Architectural Services:

  • Schematic Design (SD)
  • Design Development (DD)
  • Construction Documents (CD)
  • Bidding and Negotiations (Tender)
  • Construction Administration (CA)

Renewable Energy Services:

  • Industry wide Distributed Energy Resource (DER) interfacing
    • Battery Storage
    • Micro-Grids
    • Mirco-Turbines
    • Building Sciences
    • LED Light Distributors (EMS LLC.)
    • Energy Management Systems
  • Building Applied Photovoltaics (BAPV) design
  • Contractor Design Assist
  • Preliminary Energy Reports and Estimates
  • Energy Auditing